Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Review of The Shell Keeper!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Year's Writing Challenge-Join Me!

I tried to join a writing challenge today with my friends at Pikes Peak Romance Writers, but for some reason the Chatzy site that is hosting it either doesn't like me, or google, or both. So I am going to try to rise to the task by making a challenge of my own to get my New Year's writing habits back into order by writing daily. Their challenge is 250 words per day, which seems like a cake walk, don't you think? Well..a page at least.

Yes, it's not a challenge on par with NaNoWriMo...but I think we talked back in November about doing our own version in February, so this is close enough. My goals are a mix of a few writing projects vs. just one. One might be simpler, but I've just got too much on my author's plate to focus on only one. The others are nibbling at my subconscious when I ignore them.

First up, some promo writing for Framed-the cozy style mystery that I am about to publish. There's some techie stuff as well...but I'm awaiting the arrival of a new computer before addressing that challenge. Did I mention my computer has crashed multiple times in the last 2 weeks! Oh boy...

After that, it's on to the sequel to The Shell Keeper. I have no working title; that will come. But I'm full of ideas. Those who have done critique with me know that I have a love/hate relationship with another manuscript, The Lottery (coming of age set in 1960's Missouri). Yes, yes, it's still alive, but it is such a large undertaking, in many ways, and I have found sometimes it's best to let it percolate on the back burners of my brain while working on other projects. Usually, like coffee, it comes back stronger. this a New Years resolution kind of thing? Oh, maybe. But really it's more of a kick in the a-- kind of thing. It must be done and the sooner I do it the better for everyone involved. Oh, and am I writing romance now? Just because a gal hangs out with romantics doesn't mean she is one. Or maybe it means she's one at heart. Either way, they are writers on a mission, and that works no matter the genre!

One last question: what task/resolution/kick-in-the are you facing down this New Year? Let me know... misery loves company--I mean, creativity loves inspiration! Or something like that. (fyi: in case you are wondering...that's 411 ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Book!

Welcome to the New Year...and yes, I am planning on publishing my second book in the very near future. Just have to remember how I did it the first time! I know, it's pathetic, but all this techie stuff is endlessly over my head. Clearly, my number one resolution is to take better notes as I go along. Particularly if I'm likely to ever be asked again how the heck I did this!

Soon, my holiday company will be gone and it will be, once again, just me and my computer. We have a love/hate relationship. When I'm writing, and the screen has words growing into pages, into chapters...I'm in love. When I in publishing mode, there may be some foul language employed, though, aside from personal catharsis, it never seems to have any great affect on my laptop.

The final edits are nearly in place. Then I will once again resort to begging the techie offspring to help me figure our MOBI, HTML and Calibre (maybe). However, there is a tentative cover-check it out and let me know what you think. Does it catch your eye? The lovely Julie is tweaking it so expect a new version, with a touch more 'darkness' to denote foul play!

Meanwhile, I am wishing you all a Happy New Year! May it be one filled with blessings for all of us!