Sunday, January 13, 2013

'One Word' Resolution!

I hate New Year's much so, that it's taken me until almost mid-January to consider making one! Writers are the worst kind of procrastinators, but given a truly worthy cause, we can ratchet it up to Olympic levels! The super whammy of holidays/house guests/dreary weather/play-off losses/virus-du-jour has really taken me into gold medal territory this year.

So-enough! It's time I resolve something I know I can achieve. As we all know (you know you do!) the only way to break a bad streak is to just do it! (I've heard that somewhere before...) I am speaking not just of me...but for anyone needing any sort of motivation on any front. However, for writers, that means just sit your behind down in front of that keyboard and get back to it!

And here is my totally do-able, no excuses resolution: one word a day. This is my new philosophy. After NaNoWriMo, local group write-offs, and deflated personal goals (sniff, cough, hack-hey, no excuses!), I'm setting this goal: ONE WORD! I know, it seems like a small goal...maybe even the lamest challenge of all, but it's something I know I can achieve!

Okay, so I really don't expect that I'll write ONLY one word a day. I mean, after all, if that was all I did, it would take me over 200 years to write my next book-YIKES! But I know how one word can lead to another and another and another... You see how this goes. It's addictive! And sure, there will be those 'One Word' days, but at least on those days I won't beat myself up. Even if it's 'and' or 'but' or, worst of all, 'it'. At least 'it' is more than, well, zip.

Maybe for you it's one more push-up, one less bite of cake, or one less puff on that cigarette. Whatever it is-I'm with you! Let's go get this New Year and show it who's boss! (and by the way...that's 318 words right there-see what I mean?!)