Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nook: PubIt? Love it!

Woohoo! The Shell Keeper is up and now available at Barnes and Noble for all you Nook readers! No HTML's were mangled in the process and very little Riesling was consumed in the aftermath.

Super kudos to the folks at PubIt who have designed the MOST user friendly site for publishers of all the epub sites so far. Note to Kindle...why can't you make it THIS easy?! Truly, after only minimal account entry, it's a one page project, and that's MY kind of tech challenge.

For Nook readers, purchase and download the book as you would any other book from Barnes and Noble. Still an e-reader virgin?? If so, the Nook is pretty cool, as is the Kindle. The basic readers without all the wingdings and dodads are finally priced fairly reasonably.

I love the hard, cool feel of paper as much as the next person...but be brave, dear readers! e-readers fill a gap in our reading lifestyle and make it easy to traipse all over creation with a good book close at hand!

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