Friday, August 9, 2013

Short and Sweet Review: Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Body by Jennie Marts

Jennie Marts has written a delightful romantic mystery that left this reader hoping there might be a sequel! In Another Saturday Night And I Ain't Got No Body, Cassie's dating life is in the dumps and, while there's a gorgeous new guy, Jake, just next door, she can't get past the idea that he might have murdered her good friend, Walter!

That sort of thing puts a damper on desire, so Cassie gives in to her friends' plans to set up a series of blind dates for her. Only problem is most of them fall very flat and afterward she inevitably ends up telling the tale of her terrible date to the sympathetic and increasingly desirable Jake.

Following Cassie's adventures date by date, along with the comings and goings of her well-meaning friends, is great fun. Following the growing romance while trying to solve a who-done-it...or even IF they done-it! even more fun!

Obviously, this was a fun summer read, and I look forward to Ms. Mart's next book!

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