Friday, January 17, 2014

Short and Sweet Review: Believe in Me by Lana Williams

Sir William is tasked with delivering Lady Cristiana to her new guardian, Bishop Duval. Though he’s initially anxious to be rid of his charge, feeling the commission beneath him, he soon finds himself attracted to the lady. Nevertheless, he’s befuddled and frustrated by her persistent efforts to foil his mission, combined with her strong dislike of the Bishop for reasons she holds secret.

Cristiana has good reason to distrust all connected with the Bishop, but she too begins to warm to William. Once delivered to the Bishop, she determines to find out the truth regarding her mother’s violent death while protecting a secret gift of her own that, though it may save the lives of others, could cost her her own.

Believe in Me is the third and final installment of Lana William’s Vengeance Trilogy and, like the two books before it, this one delivers on all levels. The author moves her characters comfortably through their medieval world all the while building the layers of her characters and her story. Add in the touch of paranormal that is a hallmark of this trilogy and you have one very fun read.

Yes, this book stands alone, so don’t feel you must have read the previous two, A Vow to Keep and Trust in Me, to enjoy it. But why not read all three? If you've been looking for a wonderful romantic series to enchant and excite you, this could be the one! 

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