Monday, April 27, 2015

Short and Sweet Review: A Knight's Kiss by Lana Williams

Whether or not you’ve already discovered Lana William’s Vengeance Trilogy you can comfortably lose yourself in this intriguing novella. We first met Sir Hugh, loyal subject of Sir Royce, in the first book of the trilogy, A Vow to Keep. Now, in A Knight's Kiss, Ms. Williams builds upon what was already an interesting character, helping us to understand his past and appreciate where this new adventure could take him.

Sent on a covert mission by Sir Royce to ferret out possible insurrection against the king, Hugh finds his mission complicated by lovely and strong-willed Liza. Now a widow, Liza was not happily married. The only love she’s known in her life has been a cruel version. But she has more important concerns now as the owner of a pub and a brewer of ale.

On a side note, with the rise in microbreweries today I found the topic of brewing and a glimpse into what medieval breweries were like to be fascinating!

But back to our story! Hugh’s mission is more difficult-and dangerous-than expected, and to complicate matters, Liza turns out to be a lovely and attractive distraction he didn’t plan on and maybe can’t afford. However, Liza could be just what he needs to accomplish his mission...not to mention kindle a long lost hope for passion and happiness for them both.

Definitely a fun read that will lead you to want more of the same. Luckily, Ms. Williams has provided it in the rest of the Vengeance Trilogy. Check it out! 

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