Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks to PPRW and Tebow!!!

A special thanks to Lana, Annie and all the folks at Pikes Peak Romance Writers for inviting me to participate in yesterday's panel on e-publishing!

It was fun to hear about the experiences other authors have had and to share my own. Amazing factoid: the most experienced panelist among us was DeAnna Knippling-with 6 months. That is proof enough that this is a new frontier for all of us. Milt Mays brought a different perspective, having worked with the more hands on folks at Telemachus-I'd never heard of them before!

We may all be Rookies, but I think we've got pluck and heart on our sides!

Speaking of Rookies with for you Colorado, I did not ignore Tebow's debut as our starting quarterback! I listened all the way down I-25 from Denver to Colorado Springs. What were all those folks doing on the road and not in front of their TV's? Clearly the Bronco Nation needs some fresh inspiration. I hope Tebow is it!

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