Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yes, I can sign your Kindle!

It's become a bit of a joke with friends who ask if I can sign their copy of my book on their Kindle...but guess what, I just found out I can...sort of!

A new site called Kindlegraph enables readers to request signatures of authors who have submitted their books. Now, it's not quite my actual signature. I have the option of using a pre-created signature, or doing it myself with my mouse...which kinda looks like a 4th grader signed it. So I opted for the pre-created one. But the comments are my own, written by me and transcribed into a lovely script along with my signature.

To request a Kindlegraph, from me or any of the other participating authors, just go to their site, search for the book you want signed, and click on the Request Kindlegraph tab. The author is notified and once they create the autograph it's sent to your Kindle-Pretty Slick! Here's the link:

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