Monday, July 30, 2012

Short and Sweet Review: A Vow to Keep by Lana Williams

I'm trying to get better about posting reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, etc.. I'm always so grateful for readers who take the time to post their reviews of my books-especially if they liked what they read! So it seems only right that I return the favor, and I'm sharing my latest review. Here's a Short and Sweet review of my dear friend Lana Williams' new book, A Vow to Keep. Lana is a wonderful writer and a real sweetie. If you enjoy historical romance I have a feeling you'll really love this book...

I am not normally a romance reader, but I love historical tales in the medieval period and I found Alyna and Royce to be such compelling characters that I was quickly hooked.

Both the storyline and characters are well fleshed-out and, for me, that's always a recipe for a page turner! I loved the magical nature of Alyna's little Nicholas, and Royce's growing devotion to both of them, combined with a conflict between upholding a long standing vow for vengeance versus following his heart.

Ms. Williams knows how to bank the sparks that build passionate flames and leave readers rooting  for Alyna and Royce to embrace their growing feelings for each other. Her story is beautifully written, and leaves the reader waiting for the next book...when we hope to know more about Nicholas!   (no pressure, Lana! :) 



  1. Awesome! I just bought this book thanks to your blog. Seriously so dying for a good medieval.

  2. Read it, loved it! Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy.