Thursday, August 9, 2012

Libraries Enter the Digital Age with Gusto!

I've been spending my spare time lately helping our local library system, Douglas County Libraries, explore the possibility of offering e-books from self-published authors. Along the way I've discovered how difficult the 'Big Six' publishers are making it for libraries to participate in the e-book revolution that clearly is the future of publishing.

I'm fortunate that my library is leading the nation in pioneering new ways to make books accessible to readers...while the 'Big Six' are rigging the playing field in their favor, and against you, the reader.

In future blogs I'll fill you in on some exciting news for self-published authors in Douglas County and ultimately across the America! Meanwhile, however, CLICK HERE to check out this article from Jamie LaRue, Director of the Douglas County Libraries, about their latest tactics to bring you the best books out there.

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