Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sparks of The Imagination

Someone asked me the other day how I went about dreaming up my stories. That's a hard one to answer...I felt like asking her how she breathed? Characters, situations and plot twists come from my imagination and for a writer, I believe, our imaginations are so much a part of everything that makes us tick.

Could I shut down my creativity? Perhaps...but what fun would that be? Do I daydream? You bet! And I dream-yes, occasionally I wake with an idea that can't be ignored. Other times something in the news or something in my life gets the juices going. Even if I tried not to write, life surrounds me with tempting flashes of plotting possibilities that my brain just can't ignore.

No...I don't have personal experiences with murder (thank goodness!) but a good cozy mystery is more than the act. There's the interesting job or the quirky neighbor next door or the creepy Realtor who insinuates that if you don't like the house she's showing you something bad might you will like it...if you now what is good for you! Okay, I got carried away there, I've never met a creepy Realtor, but wasn't that fun to follow me down that rabbit hole?

I love strong, empowered women in fiction-especially when they don't know their own strength and have a funny bone too! Add in a good friend who wants to help them find a job or find a lover or find the real murderer and now my imagination just gets rolling along with the spark of endless possibility!

For a writer, writing is like having fireworks bursting in your mind-you simply can't ignore it!  

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