Saturday, April 26, 2014

**99 cents**?! Woohoo! Kindle Countdown on The Shell Keeper!

Check it out FAST! Only 2 days to get The Shell Keeper for 99 cents! Just missed the boat?! Then you've got two more days to get it for $1.99 and after that, two more days at $2.99...then it's back to it's original price.

These Kindle Countdowns keep readers hopping, but they are a great way to stock up on some fun summer reads. Here's the link: CLICK HERE! and please be sure to leave a review after you've read it. I LOVE hearing from my readers. 

So, you wonder, why should I get on board and read The Shell Keeper now if I've procrastinated about it this long? Because the sequel is coming soon and you'll want to get acquainted with the girls and read Gwen's story. Book 2 (still working on the title) is Claire's story (see where I'm going here?). 

So CLICK HERE now and join the fun as Gwen, Claire and Del explore life, love and friendship in the Rocky Mountain town of Blue River. 

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